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Sustainability and the Environment

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"Do you care about the environment? We take it very seriously".

We recycle 98% of our waste. We take care of our designing process:

- Designing the products by using a minimum quantity of raw material.

- Optimizing the use of raw materials.

- Designing and optimizing the use of the waste that we produce, since our main purpose is to reuse the waste.

- Designing the production process, so that we only use a minimum of resources and energy.

- Manufacturing our products, so that they have long life durability.

- We use as less plastic and cardboard as possible in our packaging.

- Designing our products by considering the product shipment and optimizing the volume.




Fama is a company that has a commitment with sustainability and the environment:

  1. We contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities, and giving special attention to preventing pollution.

  2. This improvement continuous when meeting all legal requirements and demanding others, who are related to our company, to do the same.

  3. We work hard to reach the aims that can contribute to environmental improvements such as expanding and promoting our environmental philosophy between other companies, institutions and the people that have direct contact with our company.

Environmental Policy and Sustainability Statement

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We do not talk for the sake of it, and we will explain you how we contribute to the preservation of the environment:

Wood and chipboard

What we do: We purchase all the wood used in our products from sustainable sources. (PEFC certificate, November 2019). In compliance with the strict regulation in the Act CARB2, free formaldehyde emissions. (EEUU).

Recyclint: We recycle 100% of the wood waste that we generate, using it to manufacture chipboards and pellet for heating.

Foam and Fiber

What we do: The foam we use complies with all the international regulations. All the foams used by Fama sofa are TDI free. Our fibers composition is 100% polyester.

Recycling: We recycle 100% of the foam waste generated during the production process, and it is sold to be used for the manufacture of stuffed pillows, cushions and teddy bears.

Fabrics and leather

What we do: We use three different types of material to upholster our products, whose dyes comply with the European regulations. We use tanned leathers of animal treated with chrome, re-tanned with synthetic resins. They are tinted with aniline in drums, refining to water and pentachlorophenol free.

Recycling: We make the most of the use of leather in order to generate the least possible amount of was. The remains are used to make leather samples and sold for recycling. The simil leather is grinded up and turn into more sustainable fuel.


What we do: We do no printout any invoices, since we use document digital format for our business.

Recycling: A4 and A3 paper are recycled before disposing it in recycling bins.


What we do: we continuously improve lighting and processes to achieve the lowest possible consumption of electricity. (Domotics)

Water and liquids

What we do: the only liquid waste that we generate is the one related to toilets and personal use (toiles, WC, and cleaning), and it is deposited in the tow sewerage network.

Recycling: Nowadays, we do not recycle our water waste. However, we have plans to improve our new facilities that are already in process.

Glue and Solvents

What we do: 98% of the glues used by Fama are water-based, and solvent free. 100% of the glues will be waterbased shortly. The solvent-based glues are Toluene free. The waste that we generate in a year time are very little. (28 litres,2017, 0 litres,2018).

Recycling: Since we generate very little waste, this waste is delivered authorized companies for their handling.


What we do: We replaced our oil heating system for a pellet heating system, minimizing the negative impact on our environment.

Recycling: The fuel used come from recycling of our wood and board remains.


What we do: we are committed to trying to start up new improvement projects with the objective of keeping the amount of Industrial Waste generated at 0 level.

Recycling: We recycle 100% of our industrial waste. We sort the organic rubbish, which is generated by our employees, for recycling.


What we do: we export 75% of our production, and it is essential to optimize the transport for us.

Recycling: we design our sofas trying to optimize their volume as much as possible, trying to make them with removable part or with spaces inside, making the most of all internal spaces. Most of our designs take up half of the usual volume. We also take the measurements of truck into account when creating new designs to optimize the volume of trucks and containers.




PFC Free

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Are you concerned about what your family inhales?

*The material used when manufacturing our sofas donot contain PFCs, which are chemical products that can be harmful for the human being, animals, and our environment.

*We use wood that do not release formaldehyde.

*We use a glue to manufacture.

*Our products that is TDI free.




Unlike some other products that can be found in the market, our upholstering as well as other materials such as the foam that we use in our seat cushion are PFCs free. They are potentially hazardous chemicals for humans, animals, and the environment. Most of our fabrics have other treatments such as Aquaclean or Efficiency, which make them easy to clean, but in a way that is more sustainable.

The Aquaclean technology is a protection treatment that covers every fiber with an invisible molecular layer. In addition, this allows to clean stains by simply using water.

The Efficiency fabrics have an excellent cleaning quality that will help with the maintenance of your upholstered furniture, keeping it in perfect conditions for many years. In addition, this is done more sustainably, and helps to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Some of our fabrics have the Safe Fronttreatment, which is a protection against mitesand bacteria. It is a totally ecological andharmless method of eliminating the presenceof mites and bacteria, which are one of themain causes of allergies.

ISO 14001 Certificate

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Those are the reasons why we have been certified with ISO 14001 Aenor.

We innovate every day and try to achieve better commitment with the protection of the environment.

We try to do our part in orderto leave a better planet forour children.

In Fama Sofa, we are committed to:

- Contributing to the conservation of the environment in all our manufacturing processes in order to minimize the negative impact on it, paying special attention to preventing pollution.

- Organizing our management in a way that we can continuously have a better commitment with the environment, meeting all the legal requirements and demanding others to do the same.

- Achieving new aims that can contribute to the environment protection in any way.

- Contributing to the expansion of this objective between other companies, institutions, and people that are related to our organization.




We take care of the environment aswell as the people who are part of ourcompany. We set up a kindergartenand an after-school club so we can help ouremployees to balance their working andfamily life. We have more than 60 differenttimetables, allowing parents to adjust theirtimetables to their needs.

We are a small company that always “thinksbig”. We are aware that the long-term futurecompanies cannot just think about theirearnings. We must consider how we cancollaborate to make our planet a better placeto live, carrying out new ideas in order to doso, not just in our company, but also in ourpersonal lives. Therefore, we stand up forcontributing to the people, who is related tothis company directly or indirectly, knowingthat the most important of our company isour people.

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