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Blue Colour

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Blue is one the most common colours in nature as well as green. We can find it in the sky, seas, rivers and oceans...

It is well known that blue provides calmness to the atmosphere, and helps improve concentration. Therefore, it is the best colour to use in places where you want to relax or meditate. As well as that, blue is the most sober colour of the cool colours, and it provides serenity, confidence and calmness. 

There is a great variety of blues in its colour-scheme, which can be found in our catalogue in different textures and materials. 

We can combine blue with other neutral colours such as grey and beige, or even with diffent types of blue (sky blue, turquoise, navy blue, light blue...) If we want to risk a bit more we can use other colours such as green, orange, yellow or pink.


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