Ampy awards Fama Sofas as honorary members of the association

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Last Saturday, the Association for People with Mental Health Problems from Yecla, AMPY, awarded us as honorary members of the association, such as the plaque reads: "For the merits and exceptional contribution to the aims of the Association."

The ceremony was held at the Concha Segura Theatre in Yecla, and we were awarded with a commemorative plaque that reflects this distinction. We were heartened by the words of Pedro Angel Sandoval, president of AMPY, about how Fama Sofas and their workers contributed to help them in the beautiful and difficult project of opening a night and day home care.

For Fama Sofas, it has been a great opportunity to carry out an important part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy; not forgetting that profit-making should not be the only aim for companies, but also helping improve the environment where their activity is developed.

Our collaboration experience in this project has been more than satisfactory; we have not only helped furnish most of their facilities with our products but we have also studied their needs and, based on this analysis, we have developed products that will make their day to day much more pleasant.

This way, we designed recliner chairs that can be used as a wheelchair, which provide the necessary firmness to always keep them upright, and even help them get up with less effort. The result has been also beneficial to Fama Sofas, as it has allowed us to develop a much more complete product than those currently in the market and this has lead us to commercialise a better product.

We have also designed specific dining room tables and classrooms with curved shapes which facilitate access of monitors to all children in a more comfortable and ergonomic way. The result in this aspect was also good for our company. There are already several companies dedicated to this type of facilities that have shown an interest in this design.

We also collaborate from our Marketing and Advertising department in producing all the graphics and signage for the centre, providing the necessary warmth for the various rooms and living rooms.

Nevertheless, we think that perhaps the most important contribution might have been our intention to convey the illusion needed to refloat the situation suffered by the centre. Fantastic facilities that because of the the crisis and the indifference of our politicians, were almost stuck for four years due to the luck of funding.

As far as we are concerned, we can only congratulate the AMPY Association for the priceless work they are doing almost with no means; they are being able to daily revert the situation of people with mental health problems. All we can say is that it is an honour for our company to have been given such distinction, and especially the fact that they now know where we are whenever they may need us.

Félix López.  


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Sois formidables




Me emociona saber que todavía hay personas con posibilidades que se acuerdan de los más necesitados, y no sólo se acuerdan, sino que se ponen manos a la obra para hacer su día a día más llevadero. No sólo los ayudáis a ellos, sino también al personal sanitario que está con ellos a diario, que por desgracia ven como cada año las subvenciones llegan cada vez más tarde y recortadas. Gracias Félix por tu labor social.


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