Avoiding the use of raw materials, products and services created
under inhuman working conditions.

Honesty is perhaps the most important word in our organization; it is the concept on which we
base all our decisions.

For us it is important knowing that all our suppliers, employees, partners and customers
can rely on us. We reject all those products or services that we know might be related to bad practices
such as the use of children or work in inhumane conditions.

Therefore in Fama we carry our various annual audits. One of the most important is conducted
by SMETA, the company in charge of carrying out an ethics audit, analysing our working practices
in depth. It is a verifiable process that helps us understand and improve the social and environmental
efficiency of our company.

Responsabilidad Social. Honestidad SMETA.

Responsabilidad Social. Honestidad SMETA.

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