Supporting the most important aspects of society such as Culture and Sports.

Promover el Deporte Promoting Sports:
Numerous sociological studies directly relate the development of societies with the level of partnership
contained in them. For this reason we consider it very important for a city like ours, Yecla, to promote a high
level of partnerships, either in sports, in neighbourhoods, cultural or otherwise.

FAMA has collaborated for many years with a local sports association, Yecla Sports Network

  Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Fama Sofás

Promoting Culture:

A prosperous cultural scene is considered a comparative advantage in every town as a strategy to confront
the challenges of global competitiveness. In Fama we are aware of it, and that is why we collaborate
in various cultural activities.

Theater plays

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Fama Sofás

Photographic exhibitions

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa. Etiopía África otra mirada.

Painting exhibitions.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa. Exposición Acuarelas Naturalezas

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