Technology and 3D Printing.

In the last few years, the 3D technology has been very used in Fama. We have experienced how useful 3D order simulator has been. Thanks to it, our clients have placed the orders in a highly useful and intuitive way, and they have been able to check how their sofa or armchair would be. Moreover an Augmented Reality application has been presented, by which the final user can see how their favorite sofa or armchair would look in their living room.  

Sillón MyApple impreso en 3D

Showrooms can include our sofas in their projects, thanks to our 3D model catalogue. In this catalogue all our articles are rendered into 3D. We can do a deep study of all our distributors out so as to a later creation of a plan 3D with the showroom arrangement. This constant investigation towards innovation and improvement has led us to dive into the area of 3D printing.

Distribución de una tienda con sofás en 3D

Our recent acquisition or a 3D printer is making it possible to have printed the projects made with our PC. 3d printing has just come to Fama, but it will keep with us forever…
Monique 18/10/2016
Love everything !! Unfortunately not possible to buy in Holland ?? Plwase open armen store in Amsterdam ???? if I can help please Let me know ???????? Kind regards Monique
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